Jello KD-Tree

I’ve started an effort to clean up, rewrite, and enhance my ObjCore library, and part of that effort includes taking my KD-Tree viewer from Takua Render and making it just a standard component of ObjCore. As a result, I can now plug the latest version of ObjCore into any of my projects that use it and quickly wire up support for viewing the KD-Tree view for that project. Here’s the jello sim from a few months back visualized as a KD-Tree:

I’ve adopted a new standard grey background for OpenGL tests, since I’ve found that the higher amount of contrast this darker grey provides plays nicer with Vimeo’s compression for a clearer result. But of course I’ll still post stills too.

Hopefully at the end of this clean up process, I’ll have ObjCore in a solid enough of a state to post to Github.