Pixar Optix Lighting Preview Demo

For the past two months or so, I’ve been working at Pixar Animation Studio as a summer intern with Pixar’s Research Group. The project I’m on for the summer is a realtime, GPU based lighting preview tool implemented on top of NVIDIA’s OptiX framework, entirely inside of The Foundry’s Katana. I’m incredibly pleased to be able to say that our project was demoed at SIGGRAPH 2013 at the NVIDIA booth, and that NVIDIA has a recording of the entire demo online!

The demo was done by our project’s lead, Danny Nahmias, and got an overwhelmingly positive reception. Check out the recording here:

FXGuide also did a podcast about our demo! Check it out here.

I’m just an intern, and the vast majority of the cool work being done on this project is from Danny Nahmias, Phillip Rideout, Mark Meyer, and others, but I’m very very proud, and consider myself extraordinarily lucky, to be part of this team!

Edit: I’ve replaced the original Ustream embed with a Vimeo mirror since the Ustream embed was crashing Chrome for some people. The original Ustream link is here.