April 5th CIS565 Progress Summary- Interactivity, Alpha Review, Fresnel Reflections, Antialiasing

This post is the second update for the GPU Pathtracer project!

Since the last update, Peter and I added an interactive camera to the renderer to allow realtime movement around the scene! We also had our Alpha Review, which went quite well, and Peter implemented a reflection model. Initially the reflection model used was Schlick’s Approximation, but later Peter replaced that with the full Fresnel equations. I also added super-sampled anti-aliasing for a smoother image.

The posts for this update:

  1. Interactivity and Moveable Camera: We can move around the scene!
  2. Alpha Review Presentation: Slides and other stuff from our Alpha Review
  3. Specular Reflection Test: The first test with Shlick’s Approximation
  4. Fresnel Reflections: Some details on our reflection model
  5. Abstract Art: Some fun buggy renders Peter produced while debugging
  6. Anti-Aliasing: Super-sampled anti-aliasing!

A nice image from the last post:

Check the posts for tons of details, images, and even some video!