April 1st CIS563 Progress Summary- Framework Improvements and Bounding Volumes

Here’s the first progress update/blog digest for the MultiFluids project!

Dan and I started by taking our starting framework and tearing it down to its core. We then rebuilt the base code up with our own custom additions, leaving just the core solver intact. From there, we started building some of the basic features our project will require!

Here are the posts for this update:

  1. Framework Improvements and Particles with Properties: Tearing the base code down to the ground and rebuilding it better, faster, and with more features
  2. Bounding Volumes & Lesson 1: Don’t just assume base code is perfect: Dan discovers some flaws in the base code!
  3. Multiple Arbitrary Bounding Volumes: All-important object interaction

A frame from one of our test videos:

Check the posts for details and videos!